Introducing E.ON Energy

Familiar to most UK bill payers used to energy companies vying for custom, E.ON sells electricity and gas to households. Their energy packages are divided into tariffs, which allow the consumer to pick a fixed or variable rate on their power consumption, or pay ahead of time to run a credit on their utility bills.

Founded in Germany, the E.ON company has a few quirks not seen in its UK counterparts. Many of its executives are patrons of the arts, with the energy giant owning some 1,800+ paintings, sketches and artworks from famed and appreciated artists. For all its unusual appetite in investments, this energy giant remains profitable, especially when fossil fuel prices tumbled in 2015 while household bill prices remained high.

A comprehensive series of tariffs and duel fuel agreements place E.ON at the vanguard of energy suppliers in the UK. Their energy packages are designed to fit everyone, whether a home’s gas or electric usage is high or low. Discounts for elderly customers and those wishing to pay up to a year’s consumption in one go has made E.ON a popular power supplier in these niches.

Future challenges for E.ON include increasingly cheaper renewable energy displacing the traditional fossil fuels the business relies on to generate electricity. Environmental pressure and activism, and worries over the UK’s response to climate change in the wake of frequent flooding, means that energy businesses are feeling the pressure to change how they generate power.

How to contact E.ON Energy

There are many ways to get in touch with E.ON – the preferred method is usually phone phone – you can call them on 0843 504 7166 during extended working hours, 7 days a week.

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