Vodafone Contact Number: 0843 504 3747

Contact Vodafone for instant, helpful customer service on this UK contact telephone number: 0843 504 3747.

With their more than 30 years of experience as a top performing mobile service provider, Vodafone has been able to grow their business into a highly recognised and respected worldwide brand. In fact, they’re the pioneer of mobile cellular technology in the UK, with the first mobile call made on the Vodafone network. It is not only in mobile history that Vodafone excels in; they also provide superior consumer and business level services with the latest mobile devices, the best mobile plans bundled with the right data and broadband packages and other online services such as Netflix and Spotify.

Vodafone is truly a British multinational brand with more than 444 million subscribers worldwide with close to 20 million in the UK alone. They are also a top employer in the UK with more than 13,000 working for the company. With these staggering numbers vodafone has surely mastered the art of customer communication and satisfaction.

It is easy to contact them through their Contact us page here: www.vodafone.co.uk/contact-us/. The first thing you need to do is to identify yourself as either a “Personal” or “Business” subscriber. Then after that, you are asked to choose one of the four main concerns listed on their page:

  • Pay monthly
  • Pay as you go
  • Vodafone Broadband and Home Phone
  • Joining Vodafone

After choosing one of the four choices, you are shown the popular question and solutions under the category of your choice. Below, you are also given the option to visit the Help & Support page: support.vodafone.co.uk with tons of information and solutions to concerns and issues regarding their network services.

If you don’t want to spend your time browsing through a myriad of topics, you can then choose to Live Chat with their customer relations agents to ask them for help or if you prefer voice calls, you can contact them by dialling 191 on your Vodafone mobile phone. If you’re using another mobile service provider you can call them by dialling 03333 040 191.

If you prefer, you can also visit them at any one of their stores for some one-on-one advice. You can use the Vodafone store locator for your convenience, at www.vodafone.co.uk/find-a-store/.

The Vodafone eForum (forum.vodafone.co.uk) is also there to provide subscribers who want to socialise with other Vodafone users and admins. There are plenty of answers here as well as a lot of helpful customers and also forum admins who will try their best to help you with your issues.

If you’re a business, the first page is slightly different as the system first asks you if you are from the Business, Corporate or Public Sector. After you choose one, the support choices include the Help & Support section and the Call us info but the Live Chat option is no longer available because you, as a business, already have your very own account manager who can walk you through solutions for the issues you’re facing.

Business Mobile

If you are a business that wants to join the Vodafone Network, then you can call 0808 060 0802 if you have 1-9 employees and 0808 004 4495 if you have 10-149 employees.